Sunday, 12 January 2014

Artist Party Invitations

This year for my youngest daughter wants to paint for her birthday. She is definitely a crafty girl in the making. For her party invitations, I dug into my Cricut cartridge stash to see what I had that was art themed.

Using the Cricut Lite cartridge called "Recess", I was able to cut out an the image of the paint brush and paper.

The paint palettes I hand made. The one on the cartridge didn't work for us. I found a simple clip art image of a paint palette and cut it out, then traced it onto card stock. I used a regular hole punch and backed with different coloured paper for our paint look.

The "party" was cut from the Cricut Calendar cartridge.

My daughter created the background by flicking different paints onto watercolour paper. She was very particular about keeping to the colours showing in the paint palette. She was covered with paint in the end, but had a lot of fun helping with the invitations.

Some of the images on the Critcut Lite Recess cartridge.

Thanks for taking a look!


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